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Key events

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  • 29 September 2016
    9.35am - 4.40pm
    screen shot The Thing

    Film Postgraduate Research Forum

    The Sydney Film HDR Forum features the unique perspective of postgraduate students at Sydney University and in FASS whose research centres on, or, includes film

  • 29 September 2016
    1.00pm - 3.00pm

    SSP Seminar Series | Diasporas, Dual Loyalties, and Suspect Minorities: The Jewish Case

    In this seminar, Professor Morton Weinfeld (McGill University) will discuss issues with minority communities in liberal democracies with reference to the iconic Jewish case, as well as wartime victimization of Japanese, German, and Italian Canadians.

  • 30 September 2016
    10.00am - 4.00pm

    Fishy Fossils

    Join us at the Macleay Museum these school holidays.

  • 30 September 2016
    4.30pm - 6.00pm
    Syarif Content 100 x100

    Sydney Ideas - Fighting Corruption in Indonesia’s Natural Resource Sector

    Indonesia has struggled with corruption in its natural resource sector, with unchecked environmental destruction the result . Laode M Syarif, the newly elected Commissioner for Indonesia Anti-Corruption Commission (KPK) presents recent progress in the prevention and prosecution of corruption.

  • 1 October 2016
    2.00pm - 3.00pm
  • 1 October 2016
    2.00pm - 3.00pm

    Curator's Talk

    Join us at the University Art Gallery for a free art talk.

  • 4 October 2016
    10.00am - 10.00pm

    Chinese Prints

    Join us these school holiday at the University Art Gallery.

  • 4 October 2016
    12.00pm - 1.00pm

    Visualising the Everyday in Asian Art

    Working with VisAsia, China Studies Centre and the School of Languages and Cultures are delighted to announce a series of four lectures to be held through October on each Tuesday beginning at 12.00 noon to on education and furthering an understanding of the countries of Asia through art.

  • 4 October 2016
    12.00pm - 1.30pm

    Through the looking glass: Austerity and the left in Britain

    In this seminar Professor Andrew Hindmoor (University of Sheffield and University of Queensland) will look at the role and legacy of the left in Britain, and the current political climate.

  • 4 October 2016
    5.00pm - 6.30pm

    Sydney Ideas - Who’s packing your lunchbox?: Eating at School and Work

    The food environment we experience most is not at home; it is the one we find around the places we work or study. To what extent should school administrators and employers be responsible for creating healthy food spaces or it is up to you - or mum - to pack a healthy lunchbox?