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Key events

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  • 5 November 2016
    9.00am - 3.00pm

    Doing nutrition better: A fresh approach

    For too long our traditional approaches to nutrition in Australia have failed to deliver the desired outcomes. Two thirds of us are obese or overweight. Many are on fad diets that don’t work and may even be harmful. Others try unsuccessfully to follow official dietary guidelines. Why is it so hard?

  • 5 November 2016
    2.00pm - 3.00pm
    Kevin Wilson

    Pre-Roman Italy, the Mountain Queen and the Tattoo Man

    Join us at the Nicholson Museum for a free public lecture.

  • 6 November 2016
    9.00am - 6.00pm

    IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications

    The 7th IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications. Assembling researchers and practitioners around the world who are leveraging and developing Information & Communication technology for intelligent electricity networks with attendant economic, environmental, and societal benefits.

  • 6 November 2016
    3.30pm - 5.30pm
    This Changes Everything

    This Changes Everything Film Screening and Q&A with Director Avi Lewis

    Join us and kick off the 2016 Sydney Peace Prize week with a screening of Naomi Klein’s film This Changes Everything!

  • 7 November 2016
    6.00pm - 7.30pm

    Sydney Ideas - Do Fish Feel Pain and Why Does it Matter?

    Annually millions of fish are caught on barbed hooks, or left to die by suffocation on the decks of fishing boats – should we be concerned about this? Victoria Braithwaite explores the question of fish pain and suffering, and explains what we now understand about fish neurobiology and behavior.

  • 7 November 2016
    6.45pm - 9.00pm

    'The Interrogation', film screening and discussion

    Join us for a discussion about the ethics of duty and the problem of evil following the screening of new historical drama, ‘The Interrogation’, co-presented by the Jewish International Film Festival and the University of Sydney's Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine.

  • 8 November 2016
    12.00pm - 1.30pm

    War and the Fate of Democracy: Battlefield Lessons and the Politics of the Exceptional

    Professor Ron Krebs from University of Minnesota will talk about war and the fate of democracy based on battlefield lessons and the politics of the exceptional.

  • 9 November 2016
    4.00pm - 6.00pm
    Frances Vavrus 100x100

    Research methods masterclass featuring international guest Frances Vavrus

    A joint presentation by the Comparative and International Education, and School and Teacher Education Policy research networks, with invited speaker Frances Vavrus.

  • 9 November 2016
    6.30pm - 8.45pm
    Naomi Klein

    Conversations with Naomi Klein - To Change Everything We Need Everyone

    In a panel moderated by Lenore Taylor, Naomi Klein, Murrawah Johnson, Maria Tiimon Chi-Fang, Nadine Flood and Shen Narayanasamy will discuss the need for transition to a post-carbon Australia.

  • 10 November 2016
    6.00pm - 7.30pm

    Sydney Ideas - Thai Art Today

    Dr Apinan Poshyananda, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Thailand presents a talk on contemporary Thai art. A renowned curator and writer, Dr Poshyananda was conferred knight by the governments of Sweden, Italy and France for his contribution to international art.