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Plasma tubes in the sky: ...

Award-winning undergraduate astrophysicist Cleo Loi explains how she led research to creatively use a radio ... Read more

Key events

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  • 27 August 2015
    6.00pm - 8.00pm

    Speech Pathology Week 2015 - Talk to me

    Speech pathologists have a vital role in helping to close the gap in outcomes for indigenous children. These two talks will present cutting edge research and practice, and demonstrate what can be achieved when communities and speech pathologists work together.

  • 27 August 2015
    6.00pm - 8.15pm

    Tech innovation event: Going global from Australia

    Calling Sydney based tech innovators! Join us for a panel discussion focusing on "going global from Australia", with the opportunity to network with panellists and members of the local tech innovation space.

  • 28 August 2015
    6.00pm - 7.30pm
    100x100 justin smith content

    Sydney Ideas - Philosophy as a Way of Life: not just for the ancients

    Hadot writes of the typical aims of ancient philosophy: “[O]ne was to renounce the false values of wealth, honors, and pleasures, and turn towards the true value of virtue, contemplation, a simple life-style.” In truth this aim extends well beyond ancient philosophy.

  • 30 August 2015
    7.15am - 7.00pm

    Jenolan Caves

    Located on the western side of the Blue Mountains, the Jenolan Caves are stunning.

  • 31 August 2015
    6.30pm - 8.00pm

    Sydney Ideas - What is Veiling?

    Ranging from the simple head scarf to the full-body burqa, the veil is worn by vast numbers of Muslim women around the world. Three scholars come together to discuss the veil in Arabic cultures, the veil in China, the why the veil today features prominently in art.

  • 1 September 2015
    12.00pm - 1.00pm
    event image

    Public Seminar: Anti-corruption in the Xi Jinping Era

    Xi Jinping has engaged in massive anti-corruption campaign since his inauguration as the top leader of China in 2012. This presentation will address the traits and the purposes of this campaign, and its impact on Xi’s concentration of power.

  • 2 September 2015
    4.00pm - 6.00pm
    Professor Andrew Martin

    Qualitative and quantitative research methods: multilevel modelling

    The benefits of using multilevel modelling in analysing the data gained from education and social research.

  • 3 September 2015
    12.00pm - 1.00pm

    Asian Destination Focus Session

    For students who have interest in undertaking exchange in a particular region, destination focus sessions will provide further information about the specific requirements and opportunities applicable to these regions. Students only need to attend one session.

  • 5 September 2015
    8.30am - 5.00pm
    TESOL icon

    TESOL Research Network Colloquium 2015

    This annual event provides a forum for discussing and sharing research in the area of TESOL, as well as exploring possible future research collaborations.

  • 5 September 2015
    2.00pm - 3.00pm