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Free Public Talk - Leadership, ...

Ms Samah Hadid. Social justice campaigner. National Director of The Global Poverty Project. Former Youth ... Read more

Bunga Barrabugu Winter Program ...

The Bunga Barranugu Winter Program is by invitation only. Year 12 Students attend a five day ... Read more

Making Tomorrow Forum...

All over Australia, there are people working in schools to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait ... Read more

Events list

  • Date
  • 03 March 2013 - Every week on Sunday, until further notice
    2.00pm - 3.00pm

    Free Carillon Recitals

    Weekly Sunday recitals on the War Memorial Carillon, featuring the University carillonists and special guests.

  • 12 January 2015 - Every weekday, until further notice
    10.00am - 4.00pm

    LEGO Pompeii

    Join us at the Nicholson Museum for LEGO Pompeii - the model, one of the largest ever built, will include Pompeii as it was at the moment of destruction in AD 79, as it was when rediscovered in the 1700s, and as it is today.

  • 20 May 2015 - Every day, until further notice
    10.00am - 4.30pm
    Padiashaikhet NMR.28

    Death Magic

    Death in Ancient Egypt was a magical experience.

  • 17 August 2015 - Every weekday, until further notice
    10.00am - 4.00pm
    Carl Bento © Macleay Museum, 2015.

    Written in Stone

    For Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today, stone tools are tangible evidence of occupation, ingenuity, resilience, and survival. This exhibition shows the remarkable diversity and proficiency of stone tool production across the Australian continent.

  • 26 October 2015 - Every weekday, until further notice
    10.00am - 4.30pm


    Their names are inscribed in stone yet their stories can only be guessed at. An exhibition of Roman funerary monuments from the Nicholson collection.

  • 8 February 2016
    8.00am - 5.00pm

    Exhibition: Laugh Lines 8 Feb - 31 Aug 2016

    Come and enjoy a smile, a giggle or a big laugh at the Library's Rare Books and Special Collection’s new exhibition showcasing some of the holdings of the Humour Collection. All welcome!

    #Sydney_library #RareBooks #humour

  • 18 April 2016 - Every weekday, until 22nd Jul 2016
    10.00am - 4.30pm
    dusan marek

    Dušan Marek: art/film post 1960

    Coming soon to the University Art Gallery. This exhibition reveals Marek the painter, the filmmaker, the artist with a predilection for blurring boundaries and allowing his creativity to embrace many media.

  • 5 May 2016
    6.00pm - 7.30pm
    Light design image 100 X 100

    Sydney Ideas - Light and the Illusion of Space

    This panel will explore the effect of light on our perception of space as investigated by artist Jolene Elliott's lighting design methods that manipulate the apparent size of space.

  • 8 May 2016
    3.00pm - 5.30pm
    299108Franz von Suppé - Requiem

    Franz von Suppé - Requiem

    An Australian premiere performance of Franz von Suppé’s Requiem, an indisputable masterpiece on a grand scale.

  • 11 May 2016
    1.00pm - 2.00pm
    Alex Weight

    ART TALK // Alex Weight: From Art to Animation

    Alex Weight’s highly successful career in the Australian film sector began with a love of painting. He completed a degree in fine arts before spending time on the live action sets of Mad Max 3 and Young Einstein and then transitioned into the emerging multimedia and animation sector in the 1990s.