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  • 23 November 2016
    10.00am - 3.00pm
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    Lancaster’s ESRC Centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Science (CASS) Research Talks

    Planned (not published externally)

    The Department of Linguistics presents: A morning of research talks by investigators from Lancaster’s ESRC Centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Science (CASS).

  • 24 August 2017
    10.00am - 11.30am

    What’s bad about bullshit?

    This event has been cancelled

    What is bullshit, and why is it bad? This seminar will distinguish several different conceptions of bullshit and take issue with the traditional Frankfurtian view that bullshitting is necessarily bad. Bullshitting is sometimes bad, but may sometimes be permissible and even desirable...

  • 25 August 2017
    2.00pm - 5.00pm
    Eighteenth century

    Workshop: Natural history in the long eighteenth century

    This workshop presents new research in a work-in-progress format on the impact of mathematical experimental natural philosophy on natural history.

  • 31 August 2017
    6.00pm - 7.30pm

    The Power Institute lecture - Concrete Abstractions: Notes on Form

    A free public lecture by Sven Lütticken, lecturer in Art and Culture, History and Antiquity at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.

  • 31 August 2017
    6.00pm - 8.30pm

    Sydney Ideas - Outside the Square: To Be Or Not To Be?

    The 400 year anniversary of Shakespeare’s death was celebrated by many in 2016. But will he be celebrated with the same passion in 2116?

  • 1 September 2017
    8.45am - 5.15pm

    The Nexus of Life: Ecological Crisis and Creative Understanding

    Ecological Crisis and Creative Understanding

  • 1 September 2017
    9.00am - 5.00pm

    Beyond The Pacific: West Papua on the World Stage

    In recent years the movement for self-determination in West Papua has gained much support from the Pacific islands nations. This conference will assess how and why these developments have come about; how they have played out in regional forums and where the issue might be headed from here.

  • 5 September 2017
    4.00pm - 7.00pm

    HSC Economics at Sydney

    The School of Economics at the University of Sydney invites you to attend an evening dedicated to the study of economics from high school through to university.

  • 6 September 2017
    12.30pm - 2.00pm
    Women in the Iranian 1979 revolution

    Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution: the religious backlash

    The seminar will explore the ways in which reformation seeks to repudiate the politico-religious foundations of the Islamic revolution by imagining a serious if paradoxical counter-revolutionary alternative to the Islamic state: a secular democracy that is enables genuine religiosity to flourish. 

  • 12 September 2017
    6.30pm - 7.30pm

    Sydney Ideas - Reading Australian Literature with Sophie Cunningham

    "As both an editor and writer I’ve always been inspired by Frank Moorhouse’s fiction, both stylistically and thematically.When I first read Cold Light, I was thrilled by Moorhouse’s capacity to celebrate both political idealism and pragmatism as well as to inhabit ambiguous identities."