Data Science, Intelligent Information Engineering and Cyber Security

9 October 2019

Come along to our joint session which features pressing issues in Engineering and IT. Hear from our senior faculty staff and explore which postgraduate option is right for you. 

Cyber Security - Fake Apps, Encrypted Traffic Analysis & More: Attacks and Defences in the age of AI

In this talk, you will be introduced to several ongoing research activities in the areas of mobile and network security highlighting how we can be ready for the next generation AI driven cybersecurity threats. Projects presented will include fake app detection project funded by Google and Deep Bypass project funded by DSTG - which develops tools for profiling enterprise-class networks. In addition, you will be presented next-generation authentication techniques developed by USYD researcher based on behavioural biometrics such as BreathPrint and MusicID that are becoming important as AI methods are able to bypass conventional biometrics.

Dr Suranga Seneviratne, Lecturer – Security, Faculty of Engineering, School of Computer Science

Data Science - Introduction to machine learning

You will be introduced some basic concepts of machine learning and some of its use cases in medical and financial industry

Dr Matloob Khushi, Associate Lecturer In Data Science, School of Computer Science

Intelligent Information Engineering (IIE)

Today, we have seen the surge of intelligence being used in information engineering for a wide range of domains, such as smart city, advanced manufacturing, automatic driving, 5G and Internet of things, virtual reality and augmented reality, etc. In this session, I am going to introduce the new major of Intelligent Information Engineering (IIE) in Master of Professional Engineering and the Master of Engineering. You will see the course structure of this major, the units of study included, the applications of the IIE in the industry and the potential job opportunities for the IIE graduates.

Dr Dong Yuan, Senior Lecturer, School of Electrical and Information Engineering

You will be able to select your preferred session when you register. 

This session is part of our event series Postgraduate Studies Week.

Event details

Data Science, Intelligent Information Engineering and Cyber Security

ABS Seminar Room 3270
Abercrombie Business School
University of Sydney, NSW 2006

9 October 2019

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