Heat, History and Hummus: On the Trail of the Crusaders in the Holy Land

7 March 2020

Join us for a free public lecture by Matthew Gibbs in our series Travellers in Time.

Matthew Gibbs went to Israel to promote Australia’s financial markets and found himself on a parallel pilgrimage in pursuit of the Crusaders. Following the cross rather than the money, he saw more battle fields than balance sheets and swapped franking credits for Frankish culture.

In this talk Matthew will share his close encounters with warrior monks and chickpeas. He’ll show snaps of his visits to Acre, Jaffa, the Horns of Hattin and the Holy Sepulchre, and detail his fondness for Romanesque architecture and eating without cutlery. More scurrilous than scholarly, this is a personal account, from riding camels to floating in the Dead Sea. There was wasn’t much milk or honey but plenty of stray cats and Australian gum trees.

The Promised Land exceeded its promise. Matthew hopes to explain why.

Matthew Gibbs is President of the Friends of the Nicholson Museum and a former committee member of Sydney University’s Business School Alumni Network. Matthew writes for newspapers and magazines, is an economics and public affairs graduate of the University, and manages communications for the Australian Securities Exchange, where he applies the lessons of history to the hijinks of financial markets.

This lecture series is sponsored by our good friends at Academy Travel.


Image Credit: Church of the Holy Sepulchre by David Roberts (lithograph by Louis Haghe), 1842 [Wikicomons.org].

Event details

  • When: 2.00pm - 3.00pm
  • Where: Nicholson Museum
    The Quadrangle
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  • Cost: Free
  • RSVP: Please follow the link below for registration
  • Registration:https://heathistoryhummus.eventbrite.com.au
  • Contact: Museum Reception
    T + 61 2 9351 2812
    W Nicholson Museum 
  • More info: The Nicholson Museum is open to the public until the 28th of February and has free admission;
    Monday To Friday 10.00am – 4.30pm
    The First Saturday of Every Month 12noon - 4.00pm
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  • Sponsored by: Our good friends at Academy Travel sponsor this lecture series:
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Heat, History and Hummus: On the Trail of the Crusaders in the Holy Land

Where Nicholson Museum
The Quadrangle
Find us on a Map

7 March 2020

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