Innovation Week

19 August 2019 - Every day, until 23rd Aug 2019

Held in August, Innovation Week 2019 celebrates the ground breaking discoveries and transformative inventions from our academics and students visit a list of all events here.

Three Minute Thesis Finals and Visualise Your Thesis Awards

Tuesday 20 August, 5pm – 7pm

The University of Sydney is running its annual Three Minute Thesis (3MT) event for 2019. Students are required to make a compelling presentation on their thesis topic and its significance to an intelligent, non-specialist audience in an engaging way in three minutes, using just one slide.

The finals including the awards ceremony will be hosted by Adam Spencer and the Vice Chancellor, Dr Michael Spence. The award ceremony will also include the winners of the 2019 Visualise Your Thesis competition.

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Sydney Ideas - Seeing the unseen: from brains to black holes
Tuesday 20 August, 6pm - 7.30pm

How does the mind conjure an idea of something that doesn't exist, or that we haven't experienced? What is the limit of our brain capacity and how can we translate potential brainpower into powerful discoveries?

During this Sydney Ideas panel event you’ll hear from Fernando Calamante and Michael Barnett from Sydney Imaging and the Brain and Mind Centre talking about how to map brain structural networks, and how networks can be affected in disease (either by the disease process or as external modified for treatment). Physicist Céline Boehm will be talking about the recent images of black holes and dark matter. Joining them is philosopher David Braddon-Mitchell.

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Student Innovation Challenge Showcase
Wednesday 21 August, 5pm - 6pm

The Student Innovation Challenge is an opportunity for University of Sydney students and alumni to present their innovative solutions to real-world problems with the chance to win up to $10,000.

Last year's winners included the world's first anti-pollution mask, a robotic translator for people with deaf blindness, a biodegradable solution alternative to plastic mulch and vehicles that can investigate underwater structures.

Footbridge Gallery Launch and Panel Discussion
Thursday 22 August, 4.30pm - 9pm

Panel discussion: 4.30pm
Live event: 5.30pm-9pm with performance, artworks, and DJ.
Enjoy light, sound and musical performance at our Footbridge Gallery live launch event.

We’ll have food, drinks and a DJ to help us activate the new outdoor gallery with a range of installations including Woodie the robot. Featured at Vivid Sydney, Woodie draws with luminescent chalk, making the ground come alive with stunning visualisations.

Together with the University of Sydney’s Vice-Principal (External Relations), Tania Rhodes-Taylor we invite you to share in launching this new digital placemaking space. Stay for a drink, a bite to eat, and to enjoy the artworks.

Panel discussion:
You’re also invited to our pre-launch panel discussion. Moderated by City of Sydney Councillor Jess Scully, the interdisciplinary panel will discuss the role of creative disciplines in bringing urban communities together, driving conversations and nurturing a sense of place. With backgrounds ranging from music composition to sculpture, digital design and performance arts, panellists will explore how sharing creative and innovative research in the arts can contribute to learning, civic debate, placemaking and community engagement.

Outside the Square: Health Data and Personalised Medicine: How will you be treated?
Thursday 22 August, 6pm – 8pm

Despite our multitude of differences, when we get sick, we’re more or less treated with the same drugs. But with the advent of precision medicine and advances in eHealth technology, this may be about to change.

Join us for this event at the Old Rum Store as we learn more about this incoming disruption from our experts and discover what medical treatment could mean for you in the very near future.

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