Masterclass for the Master of English Studies

8 October 2019

Our masterclasses program is your opportunity to taste test our curriculum.

Delivered from a class that may form your future course, so you can explore which postgraduate option is right for you.

The Power of Literature

Have you ever wondered what is the value of literature? Come and find out in this Masterclass on literature’s power and relevance. Literature is one of the most important and enjoyable tools we have for understanding our world and our place in it. Literature brings together art and ideas in stories that have the power to illuminate our understanding, motivate our action and transform our world. To study literature is to become equipped with skills to interpret life and respond to its problems with creative solutions.

Presented by Prof Liam Semler

This class is delivered as part of ENGL6101 Approaches to Genre from the Master of English Studies.

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Event details

Masterclass for the Master of English Studies

Eastern Avenue Sem 310
Eastern Avenue Complex
University of Sydney, NSW 2006

8 October 2019

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