Sydney Ideas: A new light on quantum computing

2 October 2019

Professor Chris Monroe hails from the University of Maryland and is the founder of IonQ, an emerging quantum computing company that takes a unique approach and is challenging corporate giants, such as IBM and Google, in the race to build a working quantum machine.


In his talk 'Quantum computing with atoms', Chris will explain how he and IonQ use high-precision laser light to control networks of entangled trapped atomic ions to build machines that will have the ability to solve problems beyond the most powerful supercomputers.


Chris will be joined by Associate Professor Maryanne Large to explore how quantum computing will impact our lives, from disruption to cryptography, finance and shopping to personalised medicine, redesigned industrial chemistry and a revolution in materials science.


The Dr Peter Domachuk Memorial Lecture was established in honour of Peter’s outstanding contribution and commitment to optofluidics and biophotonics research. This event is co-presented with the Institute of Photonics and Optical Science (IPOS) and the School of Physics.

The University of Sydney is a global centre for research into quantum computing.research into quantum computing. It is home to theSydney Microsoft Quantum Laboratory and Sydney Nano Institiute. The University is a partner in the city-wide Sydney Quantum Academy, which is backed by the NSW Government.

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  • When: 6.00pm - 7.30pm
  • Where: Please see this page for details
  • Cost: Free and open to all with online registration essential
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    Sydney Ideas

    (02) 9351 2943 

Sydney Ideas: A new light on quantum computing

Where Please see this page for details When

2 October 2019

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