Sydney Science Forum 2017: Breaking good: making medicines

25 October 2017


Breaking Good: making medicines


Dr Alice E Williamson

School of Chemistry, University of Sydney


Imagine a scenario where a high school teacher works alongside their students to make drugs. This scenario might sound scarily familiar to anyone who watched the hit series, Breaking Bad, but the Open Source Malaria consortium have a very different plan – Breaking Good.


Malaria killed over 400 000 people in 2015, so there is an urgent need for antimalarial drugs. Find out how Open Source Malaria is demonstrating that science is better and more efficient when ideas and data are shared, as they conduct open source drug discovery with collaborators at universities around the world, plus high school students. It’s drug development like you’ve never seen it before!

Event details

Sydney Science Forum 2017: Breaking good: making medicines


Eastern Avenue Auditorium

Eastern Avenue

University of Sydney


25 October 2017

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