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Conventional obesity treatment assumes that all calories are alike so to lose weight one must ... Read more

The Politics of Obesity...

The world’s population is fatter than ever. Is it an unfortunate by-product of rising ... Read more

Mendelssohn's Paulus...

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Second Australian Political Theory and ...

The University of Sydney is proud to host the Second Annual Australian Political Theory and ... Read more

Events list

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  • 20 November 2017
    6.00pm - 7.30pm

    Sydney Ideas - Truth, Evidence, and Reason: who can we believe?

    This panel discussion will dissect the current state of public discourse around truth, evidence, and reason, and associated questions including trust, faith, and identity.

  • 21 November 2017
    10.30am - 11.30am

    Sydney Ideas - Tackling Dementia: our generation’s duty

    The Hon Bill Shorten MP joins Professor Ian Hickie from the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre to talk about what can be done to make Australia to be the best place in the world for people with dementia to live.

  • 21 November 2017
    6.15pm - 7.30pm

    Sydney Ideas - Aerial Aftermaths: the visual culture of everyday militarisation

    Can wars be said to begin and end or do they disturb our sense of time and continuity? Are the boundaries of battlefields discrete or do they move into other spaces and sites and in what ways? Hear from Caren Kaplan, Professor of American Studies at at University of California.

  • 21 November 2017
    6.30pm - 7.30pm

    Sydney Ideas - The Transformational Impact of Genomics on Medicine and the Healthcare System

    Over the past two decades the fastest technological advance in history has reduced the cost of human genome with further reductions to come – ushering in a new era of personalised medicine and ‘precision’ healthcare. This will require advanced systems to secure the privacy and provenance of the data

  • 27 November 2017
    6.00pm - 7.30pm

    Sydney Ideas - Digital Rights: what are they, and why do we need them?

    A panel of leading experts will debate: What are digital rights? Why do we need them?, What would they look like in Australia?, How should we frame and do digital rights? The event will conclude with a launch of the Digital Rights report.

  • 28 November 2017
    6.00pm - 7.30pm

    Sydney Ideas - El Chigüire Bipolar and The Chaser

    The makers of Venezuela's leading satirical news site El Chigüire Bipolar discuss the politics of satire with the makers of Australia’s in no way leading satirical news site The Chaser.

  • 28 November 2017
    6.00pm - 7.30pm

    Sydney Ideas - Inside the Plaster: scanning the victims of Pompeii

    Estelle Lazer provides an update on recent scanning of the casts of victims of the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 CE. Her research is providing new insights into the lives and deaths of these victims.

  • 28 November 2017
    6.00pm - 7.30pm

    Sydney Ideas - Beyond the Climate Elephant: From Climate Denial to Public Engagement

    This Sydney Ideas seminar features a keynote lecture by Kari Marie Norgaard and explores the issue of climate change denial and the societal attributes that may contribute to moving from denial to public engagement.

  • 29 November 2017
    6.00pm - 7.30pm
    luther 100

    Sydney Ideas - Luther and Dreams

    Historian of early modern times, Professor Lyndal Roper, will discuss how Luther’s recorded dreams give us a rare insight into Luther’s deepest anxieties and feelings, and how historians can make use of dreams to understand the subjectivity of people in the past.

  • 29 November 2017
    6.30pm - 8.00pm

    Sydney Ideas - The Israelis And The Occupation: A Story Of Denial

    A Sydney Ideas talk by Gideon Levy, Israeli journalist and commentator. Response by Antony Loewenstein an independent journalist and author of My Israel Question, The Blogging Revolution and Disaster Capitalism: Making A Killing Out Of Catastrophe.