LEGO Pompeii

12 January 2015 - Every weekday, until further notice

The model, one of the largest ever built, is being made for the Nicholson Museum by LEGO Professional Builder Ryan McNaught aka The Brickman. The model will include Pompeii as it was at the moment of destruction in 79AD, as it was when rediscovered in the 1700s, and as it is today.

As with our LEGO Colosseum and our LEGO Acropolis it will incorporate fact and fiction, history and pop culture. Be on the look out for...

Event details

  • When: 10.00am - 4.00pm
  • Where: Nicholson Museum
    The Quadrangle
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  • Cost: Free
  • Contact: Museum Reception
    T + 61 2 9351 2812
    W Nicholson Museum 
  • More info: Opening Times:
    10.00am – 4.30pm Monday To Friday;
    12 noon - 4.00pm The First Saturday of Every Month.

    Closed on Public Holidays, Sundays and all other Saturdays.

LEGO Pompeii

Where Nicholson Museum
The Quadrangle
Find us on a Map

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