Sydney Ideas - Reading Australian Literature with Jane Gleeson-White

30 May 2017


A Reconciliation Week at the University of Sydney event, co-presented by Sydney Ideas and the School of Literature, Art, and Media at the University of Sydney

Jane Gleeson-White on The Swan Book by Alexis Wright

"Alexis Wright’s most recent novel, The Swan Book (2013), has been widely acknowledged as her most challenging and important novel to date. I’ve been possessed by it since first reading it in 2013. Wright has said that she develops her novels by thinking about how the land ‘might respond to different stories. The land is, I suppose, one of or even the central character.’ I’m fascinated by Wright’s portrayal of this sentient land, ‘Country’. I think it marks a paradigm shift in Australian literature, and has implications for Australia, as well as the planet, in an age of climate change."


Jane Gleeson-White is the author of two books about literature, and two books about accounting, capitalism and the environment. Her PhD in creative writing comprised Six Capitals: The revolution capitalism has to have and a dissertation on Alexis Wright and Kim Scott. She’s worked as a freelance editor of Australian fiction and non-fiction, and the fiction editor of Overland.

Hosted by Dr Peter Minter, Department of English.


Reading Australian Literature is a series in which acclaimed Australian writers reflect on books they value. In a thoughtful and engaging public lecture, each writer will discuss a favourite Australian literary text. What has led them to these books? What do they find remarkable about them? Have these literary encounters left an imprint on the speakers’ own writing?

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Sydney Ideas - Reading Australian Literature with Jane Gleeson-White

Where Law School Common Room
Level 4, Sydney Law School
Eastern Avenue, the University of Sydney
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30 May 2017

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