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Free Public Lecture: Sydney Science ...

Sydney Science Forum House of Karls Presented by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki Julius Sumner Miller Fellow ... Read more

Indigenous Constitutional Recognition - Problems, ...

In this distinguished speaker lecture, Professor Anne Twomey will provide a critical analysis of the ... Read more

Free Public Talk - Leadership...

Vaughan Pratt, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science, Stanford University... Read more

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  • 21 April 2015
    5.30pm - 7.00pm
    100x100Anzacs in Egypt

    Sydney Ideas - Egypt and the ANZACs in World War One

    What role did Egypt played during the First World War, and what was it contribution to the deployments of Australian troops and other allied armies that camped and trained on Egyptian soil during the Middle East campaign?

  • 21 April 2015
    6.30pm - 7.30pm
    potrait delia falconer

    Sydney Ideas - Reading Australian Literature with Delia Falconer

    Novelist Delia Falconer continues the 2015 Reading Australian Literature Series with a presentation on Christina Stead’s ‘Seven Poor Men of Sydney’.

  • 23 April 2015
    6.00pm - 7.30pm

    Sydney Ideas - Enduring Legacies

    A panel of contributors to Griffith Review’s ‘Enduring Legacies’ edition explore the consequences of Australia's involvement in war with a critical eye. Shifting the focus away from battles and commemorations, they shine new light on long shadow of the great wars of the twentieth century.

  • 28 April 2015
    6.00pm - 7.30pm

    Sydney Ideas - Leni Schwendinger

    Is it time to re-draw city design to include the hours of darkness? Urbanists (and artists) who believe in the value of diverse space usage want to create places that are welcoming and heterogeneous – spaces that are inclusive. Leni Schwendinger presents her creative illuminated environments.

  • 28 April 2015
    6.30pm - 8.00pm

    Sydney Ideas - Private Power and Public Service

    As society moves to more private provision of public services, questions about democratic accountability, equitable distribution of social goods, and access to and exercise of power have been raised. A panel considers the relationship between private power and public service in Australia today.

  • 29 April 2015
    4.00pm - 5.00pm

    Sydney Ideas - On the Front Line of Humanitarian Crises: Libya, Central African Republic and Syria

    Human Rights Watch’s Emergencies Division specialises in responding immediately to major wars and other human rights crises around the world. Emergencies Director Peter Bouckaert will discuss his work with Father Bernard Kinvi a Catholic priest from the Central African Republic.

  • 4 May 2015
    4.00pm - 6.30pm
    100x100chinas3dreams content

    Sydney Ideas - Film Screening and Panel Discussion: China’s 3 Dreams

    Join us for the screening of 'China’s 3 Dreams', a documentary by award-winning director Nick Torrens. The film explores the rapidly changing attitudes of Chinese people to the world around them. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with the film's director.

  • 7 May 2015
    6.00pm - 7.30pm
    100x100 Mitman content image

    Sydney Ideas & SEI - Forgotten Paths of Empire

    In 1926, Richard Strong, head of Harvard’s Department of Tropical Medicine, led a scientific team on a four-month long biological and medical survey of the interior region of Liberia, recoding the expedition on film. This talk the traces the expedition along the forgotten paths of empire in Liberia.

  • 11 May 2015
    6.00pm - 7.30pm

    Sydney Ideas & SEI - Wild Life

    Professor Irus Braverman will offer insights into her forthcoming book 'Wild Life: The Institution Of Nature', and perspectives on animal captivity and conservation.

  • 11 May 2015
    6.00pm - 7.30pm

    Sydney Ideas - ADDing WOMEN AND STIRring in Australian History

    ADDing WOMEN AND STIRring in Australian History is part of a series of public talks and conversations featuring new work in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Experts discuss and debate what does adding women change about how we understand the past, the present, and the future?